For Tec has been selected as distributor for market leading Maquet products for the region of Trentino-Alto Adige. We supply operating tables, surgical lights, and many other products and equipment for surgical workplaces and intensive care units. In addition, we also sell stainless steel furniture for operating theatres and outpatient clinics or medical appliances such as finger pulse oximeters.


Installation and maintenance are generally carried out by For Tec. We attach great importance to the ability to solve local problems through customised solutions. This allows for trouble-free utilisation in intensive care units, and ultimately helps ensure the safety of the patient.

Safety Inspections

The Italian Ministry of Health requires the annual inspection of electrical medical devices. They need to be efficient in their function and safety, have no damage to the casing or electronics etc. We offer safety inspections for any medical equipment in hospitals and clinics, and also in medical practices.